Understanding Macrophages with Polaris

The nature and nurture of 500 gene edited macrophages

Groundbreaking Polaris technology seamlessly integrates cell biology and molecular biology at the single-cell level, enabling you to explore the functional biology of individual cells in bold new ways. The system enables selection and isolation of individual cells from specific populations based on viability, metabolic state or immunophenotype. You can isolate, culture, perturb and then sequence cells to link their functional state to their gene expression profiles.

In this presentation, Quin Wills, PhD, of the University of Oxford's Single Cell Biology Consortium discusses the results of studies on iPSC-derived macrophages conducted on Polaris. Macrophages are currently-poorly understood reservoirs of HIV following initial host infection. The Polaris platform enables isolation of single macrophages, treatment using preconditioned media and sequencing of the individual cell transcriptome. The research data is informing numerous avenues of research including viral latency, HIV-induced inflammation and treatment.


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